Trenton Township; Pierce County

What do you want to do?

Building a new home or installing a modular/manufactured home?

If you are wanting to build a new home or are having a modular/manufactured home installed, please see the check list below for action items to be completed prior to applying for a New Home Building Permit. Once those items that are applicable on the checklist have been completed, then a new dwelling permit application can be completed. This application is through the DSPS website. Link below. The permit application will need to be submitted to Melstrom Inspections along with the required documents indicated on the check list all at one time.

Other Projects?

If you have a project other than a new dwelling, see the applications below. If you do not see a specific application for your project, you can complete the General Building Permit Application below. When submitting the application, you will need to provide a copy of your land use permit issued by Pierce County, a signed copy of the cautionary statement, a completed erosion control plan, if soil is going to be disturbed, and if applicable, a copy of a sanitary permit will also be required to be submitted.